Saturday, 24 October 2009


Be warned - you're about to see moving imagery of Petchy, and I demand that any mess in the background must be ignored. So happy to fit back into my jeans from over 4 years ago!

Yes, it was my weigh day yesterday. But I indulged in a few (ok quite a few) drinks last night, and was curious to see if it had made me retain loads of water. Was expecting to be up a couple of pounds from yesterday due to fluid retention, but no: I was actually 0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs LIGHTER than yesterday. Go figure.

That means I am unofficially at the half-way point!

Since this was the first time I had a drink after starting low-carb I was also curious to see if drinking alcohol would throw me out of ketosis for a few days. I thought it would to be honest, even if I stuck to vodka and Coke Zero. It didn't. I don't use ketostix a lot, I used one or two in the first week to see if I was in ketosis, and then one this morning.


Steve said...

Consider the mess ignored..hehe. You are lookin' hella good! :)

Petchy said...

Thanks :) I am so so chuffed to be able to fit into old clothes again - though hopefully soon they will be too big ;)