This time around I have decided to not only have weight-based goals, but to also focus on wellness-goals - and I mean wellness in both body and mind. I have also decided that I will treat myself a little, with something that is not food, every time I hit a milestone!

I don't yet know exactly what my final weight target is, only that it is somewhere between 55-60 kg, based on the fact that at my lowest ever weight (63 kg) I still had a fair bit of extra padding. When I do arrive at my goal, I shall most certainly find a way to pamper myself a bit! Like clothes shopping in London, or something along those lines...

  • To face up to a lifetime of emotional overeating/bingeing, acknowledging that I do have an eating disorder, and addressing the underlaying issues so that I can finally have a normal relationship with food.
  • To do my best every day not to put myself or my body down. Even if it's not the body I want, it's the body I have, and it has served me well so far, despite the weight issues. Poor thing's put up with all the crap I've thrown at it for over 30 years - it (and I) deserve some respect!
  • To make an effort every day to look nice, even if I feel like a lardy lump. At the very least put on some mascara and wear something that makes me look and feel nice
  • To make time for ME in a hectic life.
  • To spend even more time enjoying the great outdoors. It really is good for the soul!

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