Monday, 26 April 2010


Ahem, I mean gadget. Not toy, GADGET. There's a difference ;)

So I got my new running shoes today (thanks mum!) and also picked up my Nike+ sensor from the post office. Was looking forward to taking them for a test run after work, but for some reason the sensor refused to activate. It paired ok with my iPhone, but just wouldn't activate when I wanted to log a workout. So I faffed around for 10 minutes, but realised if I didn't run NOW, there'd be no time left even for a quick 3k - so thought "sod it" and just went. The new shoes are amazing, I love'em! And they're silver and pink - did I mention I love them? Can't wait to try a longer run in those babies.

FWIW, the Nike+ sensor activated with no further problems when I got home and rebooted my iPhone - so I will get to test it properly tomorrow.

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Kirsche said...

I have a Nike+ too! No Nike shoes, but I got a pouch to wear on my regular shoes, which works just as well. Graphing my run afterward is my favorite part. Also, I never calibrated it so it's not entirely accurate, which really just means I am deluding myself into thinking I am running more. Still, fun gadget!