Saturday, 12 January 2013

An active day = a happy day

Stayed in bed until about 10am today. Absolute BLISS! Headed across the road to the gym after breakfast, and spent an hour there before heading downstairs to the pool, where I chilled out in the heated pool and then the sauna and spa area, while R splashed around. Love that the gym membership includes free entry to the pool - brilliant! It's also a great bribe: "If you sit here with your Nintendo DS for an hour while mummy works out, we'll go swimming afterwards" - ah, the single parent life... gotta get creative to get time in the gym!

Gym- and pool session complete, it was time for grocery shopping. No car means a 15 minute walk each way = free exercise. Straight after that, I took R and a friend for a walk, and we had dinner in the woods (Pasta Bolognese on our new gas-fuelled camping stove, whoooo!). See that big pack of marshmallows there? I didn't have one! Cravings 0, willpower 1.

Returned home two hours later and cleaned the house. All in all, a very nice day. Dinner had a few more carbs than I'd ideally like, but there was more meat than pasta, the pasta was wholegrain and I had a huge side salad - so I reckon it'll be ok as long as I don't do it every day.

Hoping to make tomorrow yet another active day - going hiking with a friend and our respective kiddos. If I can get away with leaving R at a friend's house for an hour, I'll squeeze in a gym session too.

Monday will be running day. Another creative single parent trick: bringing running gear to work and squeezing in a 30-40 minute run between work and the school run. 4x4 intervals used to be my usual routine on such days, and I think I'll start doing that again as it worked wonders on improving my fitness level in a short space of time last time round.

Already, I can feel the exercise having a huge positive impact on my overall energy levels. Must. Keep. This. Up.

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