Monday, 7 January 2013

What the hell was I thinking?

Two and a half years?! Two and a half years indeed. Of half-hearted exercise and not-so-mindful eating. The result: the weight has crept back on and with it my self confidence has diminished. Although weight-wise I'm not quite back at where I started this journey, I am right back to loathing my body and feeling like a lump of lard. And to think I was so close, so flippin' close to being a normal healthy weight. To think I was able to jog 10k with relative ease, and now I am back to barely managing 5k. Barely!

The photo above is the result of a resolution to get back on track. That pretty much sums up how I felt after my first run (Run?! Ha!) in about six months.

So it seems I am back. Weight-wise I am unsure of just how much damage has been done, as my scales are out of battery – I was half relieved and half pissed off by that yesterday. I am estimating out of the 22 kg/48 lbs I lost... 10-12 kg/22-26 lbs have crept back on, but all will be revealed once I have replaced those batteries tomorrow.

Scary stuff indeed.

Oh, and sorry for the somewhat jumbled appearance of my old posts after the blog underwent a slight facelift. I'll try to go back and pretty them all up a bit if I can find time!


grrillah joy said...

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Oh I am SO happy to see you ^_^

We're going to smash this year Sol, whoop. ^_^

Solveig Petch said...

We are indeed, Joy! And Jayne has agreed to take me on as a distance PT-client :D