Sunday, 26 July 2009


Take that you shoddy scales. You wouldn't budge on Friday... but I have another trick up my sleeve. Everyone, please welcome on stage...

My trusty measuring tape! No weightloss last week, but my waist is 2 cm smaller than it was 2 weeks ago. And no, I wasn't sucking in! Ah I feel better now...

Just completed my 5th shred session, and am ready for a shower :)

Today's food:
  • 1 brown bread roll, scrambled egg, 1 crispbread, 2 slices of cheese, 1 tsp of my mum's home made strawberry freezer jam
  • Fiskeboller (if I translate this for the non-norwegians you'll all think I ate the private parts of a fish, so I'll leave it! lol) with a smallish potato, carrots and bechamel sauce
  • Porridge made with water - with banana and seeds added
  • Home made cauliflower soup with a crispbread
  • A low-cal caramel latte, yum!
TOTAL: approx 1450 kcal


Blomsterpiken said...

Så flink du er! Jeg må ta meg sammen nå, så jeg er på inspirasjonssurferunde - etter 25 kilo ned for to år siden har vekten krøpet godt opp igjen. Jeg tør ikke helt å veie meg nå, men den er sikkert 10 kilo over i fjor sommer. Det er bare å brette opp ermene...

Anne Marie said...

I have been reading my way back in time on your blog. I am very impressed. Impressed by how brave you are and impressed by how you stick to your commitment to loose weight. Reading this blog is inspiring. I don't think I will be able to take as far as you have, but I will for sure redice the amounts of carbs and change some of our recipes to the ones you show here. Perhaps it will help even if it takes longer. Congratulations!