Wednesday, 22 July 2009


At 85 kg / 187 lbs and the fattest I have ever been. Gah.

Early February 2009 - Had probably lost around 1-2 kg / 3-4 lbs here, I can't quite remember... All I know is I look pretty darn awful. Ugh.

June 2009:

Mid-July 2009 - a total of 7.8 kg / 17 lbs lost. Never mind the different pose and longer hair; please tell me the double chin has shrunk and that it's not just my eyes playing tricks on me?

29th of July 2009:

31st of July 2009:

11th of October 2009 - 74.4 kg / 164 lbs:

28th January 2010: 66.4 kg/146.3 lbs. 18.6 kg/40.6 lbs lost:

29th of April 2010:


Krista said...

Ooooo, Petchy, you're so pretty! I can tell you've lost weight in your face. You look fabulous!

PS-Love the hair cut.

Joy said...

Heh, yer. Massive difference my lovely. You look gawjus.

Fio said...

You are going "Petite"!!

Pretty Petcy!!!

Annabelle said...

Blimey Petchy! you're doing great!!! I saw your photos on your blog (made me giggle), thought you looked like a different person and it wasn't that you weren't wearing glasses! (shoulda put a comment at the time) Didn't know you about this blog then. Well done you!

Frk.Badegakk said...

You look so good!
I lost 20kg over a period of about a year, and kept my weight all this time. I´m almost sorry I didn´t take a picture of my self before I started dieting. Then I would really see the difference. Especially on those bad days when I feel like Willy the Whale...
Great job! You´ll be down on your goal weight real soon!