Saturday, 22 August 2009


I seem to have fallen completely off the wagon over the last two weeks. Last week I ate far too many bad things and didn't exercise much at all. This week, I started off well but it all fell apart from Tuesday onwards. I managed to stay off the really, truly bad stuff but the only day I exercised was Thursday. Yesterday evening I completely lost the plot, ate chocolate and crisps - and so to wake up this morning with a spot serves me right.

I never usually get spots, so I know the culprit was the chocolate and crisps from last night. It's the diet gods' way of saying "thou shalt abstain from all fatty and sugary things and if thou do not obey thou shalt be punished".

To be honest, I was surprised not to have gained this week. I didn't lose anything, but thankfully haven't put any on either. Phew. Time to clamber back onto that wagon, wobbly knees and all.

I really need to get a grip, get my act together. This is the second week of not really caring - I don't want food to be controlling my life anymore, so why am I letting it?!

I know that when Ruben has been really demanding, and yes he has really been hard work the last couple of months, work stressful, and I am generally low on energy, that is when I let things slip. What can I do to keep focused when both my brain and my body feel as if they've been run over by a double-decker bus and all I really want to do after bedtime is to be a great big slob on the sofa, stuffing my face with all things bad for me?

I am going for a 2.5 week holiday to England on Monday, and though I know there will be some eating out, a few drinks and some unhealthy food, I hope that the change of scenery, the time off work and meeting old friends will help me shift into gear again.

I treated myself to a pair of new earrings and today, as a pick-me-up. And I am just about to put 22 kilos of grumpy toddler on my back and go for a walk. At least the extra weight on my back will make it more of a workout - an hour of him on my back and I promise you I FEEL those abs!

How do you pick yourself up again after a slip? Tell me please, I need to know!


indigorchid said...

Hmmm... not sure how to motivate yourself after falling behind a bit. Keeping your eye and your mind on the goal? Maybe you can photoshop a picture of you to your ideal weight and keep that around as a kick in the butt! ;) (mostly kidding about that photoshopping, but who knows, whatever floats your boat, right?)

I mostly just wanted to say - good job so far! Look at what you've managed already, it definitely something to be proud of! :D

KL said...

A little slip is just a little slip... I try to keep it in perspective and then buy a new workout dvd or magazine, or try a new type of cardio. Often that's enough to get my mind off being moody and get my body back moving! Let go and stay positive. It takes practice, boy do I know, but that works for me.

Emilia said...

Hei Solo,
haper du har hatt en kjempefin tur til England. Gleder meg til du kommer tilbake til cyberspace for jeg savner blogg oppdagteringene dine!

husk at det handler ikke om slanking, men a endre livstil - klart at sjokolade og chips vil bestanding vaere en del av livet vart (bare ikke hver dag)!

STOR klem fra Ingvild