Sunday, 13 September 2009


Just how much damage can a 2.5 week holiday do? Well I returned home on Wednesday and it was time to find out... Actually, I had "cheated" and had a go on a really hi-tech "health monitors" during a visit to a sports exhibition at Leicester's New Walk Museum. I was massively shocked when it showed a gain of 4.6 kg / 10 lbs in just two weeks:

Just look at the very bloated sticky outy belly in following photo that Joy (yep, the incredible shrinking one) took of me... Jeez! Horrified does not even begin to describe how I felt! Oh well, I consoled myself by the fact at least my blood pressure was well within normal range...

Now as soon as I got home I stepped on the scales. Surely a gain of 4.6 kg / 10 lbs was just impossible, right? No. Very much possible. My own scales showed the same weight too.

However... two days later, on Friday (my usual weigh-in day)... much to my delight, the scales showed 77.3 kg / 170.4 lbs. Still up by 2.2 kg / 4.8 lbs, but compared to the horror of 4.6 kg / 10 lbs... let's just say I can live with that!

The explanation? Apart from the obvious "eating too much" I think several other factors played a part:
  1. Lots of takeaway and fast food = high in salt = bad water retention.
  2. Time of day. I usually weigh myself in the morning, before eating or drinking anything, and both the two other weights were recorded in the afternoon/evening.

So, I reckon some of the weight was water retention from all the salty food because as soon as I came home and started eating healthy home cooked food, 2.4 kg / 5.2 lbs disappeared in 2 days. The bloatedness I know is because of eating a lot of refined carbs, white bread etc.

So do I regret eating all that stuff? Hell no! Well a couple of the Maccy D meals maybe, but definitely not the two yummy curries, the cream eclairs and not to mention the lovely food at my friends' wedding... I'll just knuckle down and deal with the consequences now I am back home. Yes, I am 2.2 kg / 4.8 lbs heavier than before I went on hols... but I am still almost 8 kg / 18 lbs ligher than when I started.

Gotta look at the bright side ;)

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