Saturday, 14 November 2009


So to keep spirits high, I am posting comparison pics to remind myself just how far I have come... Yesterday:

And I know you've seen it before, but... a year or so ago:

Nothing like a side-by-side comparison eh? No matter how cringeworthy the "before" is.

I've been terrible at exercising lately, and I must must must get a grip. I have decided to start guerilla-cardio (google it if you're unfamiliar with the term) next week - it sounds gruelling - but I am making the most of the motivation I have these days! And I wanna look HOT for x-mas dammit - lol!


Steve said...

Hey, you didn't lose, but you didn't gain either. You're still doing great so no worries :)

Mrs. E said...

You look great!