Sunday, 15 November 2009


So, having been to the pool today and bared all...

It feels kinda weird to say it but for the first time ever I actually looked at the other ladies in the changing room and thought "you know what - more than half of these women are bigger than me". Yes, I admit - as freaky as it makes me sound - I do actually *gasp* look at other people's naked bodies, study them even. Only for the purpose of comparing their wobbly bits to mine of course - unless we are talking members of the opposite sex, whom I occasionally look at for... erm... other reasons. Hey, I'm only human ;)

It's kinda weird too, the difference between UK and Norwegian changing room etiquette. Let me just start off by saying that for the most part here in Norway, when you're getting changed at a gym or public pool, you just get naked. No blushing here, oh no! Get nekkid and get over it, lol. This culture got me a few weird looks when I first moved to the UK, let me tell you! They must have thought I was the crazy naked lady or something. After the initial first few times, I quickly learned that it would probably be wise to keep my swimsuit on in the shower, and leg it into a cubicle asap.

After 8 years in the UK, I kinda got used to it - and hence when I moved back to Norway, I felt really embarrassed getting naked in the changing room. But you know, there was kinda no choice. There are no cubicles at my local pool, and even a sign near the showers telling you to please get yer kit off - no swimming cozzies in the showers thank you very much.

OK, you're probably wondering what the point of this post is?? The point is, and this is huge for me, that today was the first day that I actually felt comfortable enough with my own body to not feel totally humiliated by this public nakedness. Wohooo!

Oh, and I need to invest in a new swimming costume, my old one is getting so big I felt like my boobs ended up dangling somewhere in the region of my knees. (I feel the need to point out that they didn't REALLY, it just felt like it!)


Krista said...

Hmm, my Norwegian ancestry must be strong in me since I've never been embarrassed in changing rooms. Even though being embarrassed is "proper" US etiquette.

I'm so proud of your achievement! You look smokin' hot.

Petchy said...

Erm, that's not ME in the pic ;) LOL

No in all seriousness: thank you :) And it might be different in the US... I wouldn't know - i only have experience from UK and norwegian changing rooms ;)