Thursday, 28 January 2010


Well, what a week. Just as I get into the low-carb eating properly again... I get ill. A bad cold had me sleeping all day Monday and Tuesday, and I've been eating carbs like there's no tomorrow. Then today... a conference at work, complete with carb laden lunch. I am SO not expecting those scales to be kind tomorrow morning!

Nonetheless... I brush off the dirt and get back on the horse. Today I received my Zumba DVDs in the post - so I had to give it a go after the little rascal went to bed. Image below: Before Zumba... and... all Zumba'ed out:

Oh my. Don't ask why I though this was a good idea. I have two left feet and the coordination of a deaf bat. I must have looked like a scarecrow on speed!! Good job I was in my own home and not in public, because I couldn't even get half the moves right even in slow-mo! Mind you, it was fun. And the HR monitor told me my heartrate was in the optimum cardio zone for 95% of the entire hour the intro DVD took. So I conclude: not the best marks for STYLE, but full marks for effort, lol. I guess it can only get better! Plus - I felt gooooood afterwards!

Time for another progress photo too, I thought:

And, since I still get a lot of questions about WHAT I eat on a low carb diet, here are a couple of recent dinners. First up is pan fried cod fillet in a cream and curry sauce, served on cauliflower and broccoli gratin:

And next up is today's dinner - steak chili on mixed leaves, served with loads of grated cheese, soured cream and half an avocado:

Not half bad eh?


Joy said...

Gah, you making me hungry woman.

OK. Wow you look fab Missy! Zumba sounds fun, and mental! Hope you get back into your low carb groove and have a much better week =)

Joy said...

Guh, d'oh. Forgot to add, wanted to let you know I nominated you for beautiful blogger.

Krista said...

You look fabulous! and that food looks amazing, I really love curry and cauliflower together. Mmm...

Kristen said...

Can you share the recipe for the curry cream sauce and the brocoli and cauliflower? Sounds so yummy.

Sero said...

I don't know if you still check these comments, but I know what you mean about Zumba! I've been to three classes and still can't grapevine to save my life, ha!