Friday, 22 January 2010


Well how can new funky RED shoes not make you happy? While I was in the shopping groove I also invested in some new underwear, since all of what I had was bought when I was a stone or two heavier. Bras that are too big are SO not flattering OR comfy, so this was a long overdue investment! Though I must say I am rather pleased my boobs have held up well during the weight loss - I expected them to kinda deflate... But no, from a DD to a D isn't bad - it's mainly been the back size that's decreased. Yay!

I'm back on the low carb wagon properly now (since tuesday of this week) and on wow I went into ketosis FAST this time! Wednesday afternoon I got a shocking headache and thought "Aha, ketosis" - and later that day I got my period. I don't usually get periods, because of the contraceptive pill I'm on (sorry if TMI) - but that always happens when I go into ketosis so I knew for sure then.

Not a massive loss to report this week, but a loss is a loss. Down 0.4 kg / 0.9 lbs from last Friday. Edit: Did another weigh-in today (Saturday), just couldn't resist - and since it showed a loss of 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs instead of "just" 0.4 kg / 0.9 lbs, I decided to use that as my official number this week - as a motivating factor. Hopefully I'm back on track now after my "break". What I have discovered though, during my break from the "extreme" low carb eating, is what level of carbs I can eat without gaining. Useful knowledge for later! The last month I have basically been mostly avoiding refined carbs, but eating some wholegrain bread and pasta, potatoes, legumes etc - and having the odd treat like some crisps and a meal out at a pizza place. Happy to say that even with those treats I have seen a small loss, so I am confident I will be able to keep the weight off in the future by staying mostly away from refined carbs - but with the odd treat.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Joy said...

you star!! havebeen hiding from WL land (shame on me) and look at you!!

Petchy said...

You're back though Joy - that's what counts! Miss you and wish we still lived down the road from each other - really fancy a natter and a catching up session!!

Dan said...

Well done on your weightloss

Steve said...

Thats an awesome number, definitely helps w/ motivation :)

Hopefully this week treats you well too!

Anonymous said...

Gratulerer med weightlossen :)

Jeg gikk selv ned 14 kg fra juli til november. Akkurat nå er det litt vanskeligere, men det var jo bra ikke gå opp gjennom ferie- og juletida ;)

Kom til siden din via Twitter :)

Anonymous said...

I have officially creeped out your whole blog. And I must say, I love it! You've inspired me to attempt weight loss. Please don't stop updating.