Thursday, 11 March 2010


So last week I went running in the snow, with spikes on my shoes and everything. This week, the snow is fast disappearing and it is pouring it down with rain. Bring it on I say, I am ready for all the snow to be gone now! Today's run ended up being broken up into loads of little intervals: No ice = run! Icy road = go slooooooow. I got soaked and muddy, but it was still nice though. It wasn't a very long run, about 3.5k in 20 mins, but enough to make me all red faced:

And this made me smile today:

Now this is by no means representative of my actual size, I am more like a size M these days, but it's kinda cool to own - and fit into - a garment that says XS! What makes it even better is the fact this was a real bargain - a nice decent quality waterproof jacket for NOK 200,- is not something I pass up on! The weather here means waterproof clothing is a must some days, and I was chuffed to be able to replace my old jacket that had become far too big, to the point it looked like I was wearing a tent.

I've not lost any weight the last couple of weeks, but that's ok. I've not gained any either. And I haven't been fanatical about my eating, so as long as those lbs aren't creeping back on I am just gonna let the last few come off at their own pace I think :)

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