Saturday, 17 April 2010


12.5k... that's about 7 ¾ miles. Sounds a lot less scary in miles, lol. Anyways, long story short: I've signed up for a race on the 3rd of July. Since the longest distance I have done so far is 6k (admittedly I've felt I could carry on further if I had time) that means doubling my effort in under 3 months. What on EARTH have I let myself in for?! To be honest, this was spurred on by a not very happy moment in my life. My love life that was looking so fabby for a while suddenly took a nosedive deluxe - and rather than sitting here feeling sorry for myself I have decided to channel any negative thoughts into positive energy by running. Running has helped no end, it's like meditation - and having a race to train for gives even more focus.

I realised my cheap old running shoes REALLY were long overdue to be replaced, so today I've been trying on quite a few pairs in the shops. Finally settled on these, as they felt really nice on my foot. They're SO light, yet supportive - and the cushioning felt good. The guy in the shop recommended them too. A quick check with my mum (who just so happens to be on holiday in the UK at the moment) revealed that they're less than half price over there compared to here in Norway. YAY for lower prices and for currency rates in my favour!!! So I now have a pair on the way - that volcanic ash cloud from Iceland better clear up soon so mum and dad's flight on Monday isn't cancelled, lol.

Anyways... please wish me luck for the race and the training beforehand!!! The route is set along some EPIC scenery along the Atlantic Road which is pretty local to me and famous for being the location for many a car advert. There are a lot of bridges, so thankfully after an uphill... i KNOW there will be a downhill, lol. My goal is to run the whole distance - no walking inbetween - and I want to finish in under 1hr 30mins. At least if it goes pear shaped I won't be able to blame it on bad shoes now, lol.


Misty said...

Sorry to hear about the love gone south . On the up side I did some of my best running under similar circumstances and it felt great. Best of luck on your training.

Yum Yucky said...

Much luck to you! And I'm sooo jealous of those shoes. niiice!

Christy (Columbia Lily) said...

sorry about the boy....congrats on the running thing!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Petchy, keeping a sensible perspective and turning your bad fortune into a good future!

Love your butter graphics -- they're inspirational, and a great visual of your commitment!