Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I totally surprised myself today. My friend had offered to babysit for me tonight, so I had planned a longer run. I sat at home earlier, mapping what I felt was an ambitious 8k route:

I thought to myself that I'd never manage to run the whole way, but that I was definitely gonna give it a good old try. And I am pretty stubborn (just ask my mum) so that kinda helps. So I set off, at a nice and steady pace. The route is quite hilly in places and is partly on tarmac/pavements, partly on gravel paths, and partly trail. Nice and varied, and a good preparation for the 12.5k race which is over 8 bridges (= hilly, obviously). Whoa, some of those hills KILLED... but the downhills and flat parts allowed me to recover a bit inbetween so it was ok. The last hill was a proper biatch though, but I wasn't gonna let myself down at the last 500 metres.

And whaddayaknow... I flippin' did it. I ran 8k non stop in pretty much bang on 50 minutes. (That's a pace of 6.25 min/km) And the best bit? I felt as if I could have done 10k if I had pushed on! That is pretty amazing for a person who, just one year ago, used to get really out of breath after the three flights of stairs at work... I am amazed at, and proud of my body that has been able to bounce back from the depths of obesity and bad health - to accomplish this! I am proud of myself for turning my lifestyle round and becoming a healthier, happier person - not just for ME, but for my son too. He deserves to have a healthy and active Mum.

Anyways, though I felt I could have carried on, I decided to stop at 8k today, as I had managed the goal I set for this evening's run and didn't want to overdo it. But... gonna have a few easy 5k runs over the next few days and THEN: next week I aim for a 10k run! Will be good if I have my new shoes and Nike+ sensor before then too!

You know what? That 12.5k race doesn't seem that scary anymore! I've also decided to do a 5k race in June and am trying to gather a few friends to go with me. Coming down from my crazy endorphin high now - time for bed soon :)


Anonymous said...

Impressive! Way to go, and good luck on continuing your weight loss!

Siri said...

Way to go Petchy! I am proud too:-)

algon rose said...

Now I'm pumped. I'm doing my first run ever. Signed up for an 8k in November. Super nervous but exited to start this new chapter in my life.