Monday, 18 February 2013

Hah! Nail polish ninja!

I am convinced wearing nail polish has a direct impact on stamina. Especially when matched to your sports bra.

This free weights malarky? It's pretty addictive, huh? Why didn't anyone tell me?! A week in and I am bloody LOVING it! I need tips though, so feel free to chip in with advice. One of the instructors at the gym recommended me a full body routine to start off with, as opposed to doing split sets - but a week in and I can see I will probably get bored with the repetitiveness if I am to do only this for 2 months, like she told me to. I know myself only too well. What she has me doing now are (my current load in brackets, she didn't say how much to put on so am just testing things):

Leg press, machine: 3 x 12 (100 kg - can definitely up it a notch next time)
Lunges 3 x 12 (with 10 kg weights in each hand)
Seated row 3 x 8 (just moved up to 41 kg today)
Bench press 3 x 8 (25 kg)
Dumbbell incline bench press 3 x 8 (7 kg dumbbells)
Side raises 3 x 8 (4 kg dumbbells)
Tricep rope pulldown 3 x 12 (18 kg)
Bicep curls 3 x 8 (7 kg dumbbells)
Crunches (As many as I have time to do before I have to dash, usually around 50 ish)
The plank (we do this 3 x 1 minute every day at work anyway)

So yeah, I need tips! Has she given me an OK routine for starters, or can it be improved on? If so, how? I mean, where are all these squats people rave about? Should I even be doing them as a beginner?


Also, another observation: Monday afternoons are not a good time to go to the gym, as it is jam packed. I realised I was gonna have to do more hanging around waiting to take my turn, than any actual exercise. Solution - did only the major things (leg press, bench press, seated row) in the gym, went out for a quick run, and then used my dumbbells at home to complete the other exercises.


Årolilja said...

Nail polish has been known to increase stamina and strength. Sais who? Sais I!!!

I also recommend starting off with a full body routine, but there is nothing wrong with substituting some of the exercises with other ones :) for instance, I see no squats at all! :(

Solveig Petch said...

Jeg spurte om squats, hun anbefalte det ikke for ferskinger... men jeg hører jo ALLE skryter av squats? Jeg trenger en Årolilja å trene med, kan du klones?! Nå føler jeg at hun «følger med meg» når jeg trener, og at jeg fornærmer henne om jeg forandrer på ting :P Kanskje jeg må bygge treningsrom i kjelleren istedet ;)

Årolilja said...

Du, du trenger ikkje trene knebøy med stang:)
Kor ofte skal du trene fullkroppsprogrammet ditt? Eg ville bytta ut beinpress med goblet squats ein gong i veka iallefall :)

Mange sære treningsinstruktørar der ute, og hugs at det der DIN kropp, ikkje hennar. Søk på Goblet squat, det er ein kjempefin øvelse som egnar seg for dei aller fleste :) Ein jævel på å stramme opp rumpa og ;)