Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's treat: pink fluff

How good does this look? And it's pink!

Time for a healthy treat! Easy peasy: Beat one egg white until it forms stiff peaks, add stevia (or other sweetener) to taste, 50 g of frozen blueberries and 50 g of frozen raspberries, continue to beat on high until the berries break up and it's all pink and fluffy. If your food mixer has a splash guard - use it! The frozen berries want to fly everywhere in the beginning.

Eat like it is or treat yourself to a couple of chopped squares of dark choccy on top. I did the latter today - it is valentine's day, after all!

Without choccy on top: 60 kcal (yes, really!)
With 10 g of chopped dark choccy on top: 115 kcal


PS: Eggs in Norway are 100% safe with regards to salmonella - therefore it is totally OK to eat raw eggs here. But please don't hold me accountable if the egg standard in your country turns out to be different...

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