Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Instead of waiting a couple of weeks to try on my old (and smaller) trousers, I spread the entire content of my two wardrobes on the floor just now. And get this: all the trousers that were impossible to do up just 2 weeks ago (we're talking a 3-5cm gap here)... THEY FIT! Yay, I'm a UK size 14 / EUR size 42 again! Two of the pairs were a tad too tight (one was a UK size 12 / EUR size 40 though) I got them on but it wasn't pretty. But the rest all fit great!

And I bought clothes in a size M today, in H&M!

There might not be a significant weight loss to speak of in the last week, but (and don't ask me how!) the centimetres sure are disappearing one way or another! I cannot even begin to tell you how utterly chuffed I am!!!

Right, back to the clothes sorting. I have 4 piles: throw away, give away, alter/re-design and keep - and right now I cannot see my floor!