Friday, 25 September 2009


Being a single mum means it is hard to get a minute to myself to do stuff. Like running for instance. I can't do that without a babysitter. And I much prefer running outdoors to doing my cardio on the elliptical or trampoline indoors. It's got something to do with the "I'm out of the house so I may as well carry on" mentality. Plus, fresh air is nice too.

But... I have plotted a plan for fitting in a 30 minute (outdoor) run 2-3 times a week, no extra childcare needed.

The cunning plan: Finish work at 3.30pm as usual, go home and change quickly. Ready to run at 3.45pm. 30 minute run, ending up at nursery for 4.15pm, just in time to pick up Ruben before they close at 4.30pm.

I aim to do this Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, starting as of tomorrow. No time like the present, eh? So, I have got my running clothes ready!

I will also walk for at least an hour each weekend, with Ruben (22kg) on my back in a wrap - providing he will let me wear him of course. We're now talking serious toddlerwearing, I tell you... I can really feel those tummy muscles working as I walk carrying all that extra weight.

That's cardio sorted then. I also want to do Pilates one evening a week, and weight training one night.

Flippin' heck this is ambitious, you'd better wish me luck and kick my butt if I am slacking!!!

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