Saturday, 19 December 2009


I've increased the carbs a tad this week - and as expected the weight loss has stagnated. BUT, thankfully this is a planned break for x-mas. Thing is I have no intention of gorging myself on cakes and sweets - but now even eating a small potato makes me feel a bit sick and bloated after an hour or so. Since I WILL be eating christmas dinner, potatoes and all, I am hoping to get my body used to a slightly higher amount of carbs beforehand, because I don't want to feel ill all x-mas eve and x-mas day.

I'll report back with how I am doing dealing with the carb temptations I will inevitably come across over the next week, and will check in with a weigh-in in the new year, hopefully the damage won't be too bad!

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Steve said...

Hope you had a Happy New Year