Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cardio, weights, steam sauna...

This here is my view from my living room window, and the building you see there is where my gym is located. Can't get more convenient than that, eh?

The building also happens to house Atlanterhavsbadet (Pool & Spa), with all its fab facilities: "normal" pool, play pool with wave machine, water slide, heated therapy pool, jacuzzi, steam sauna, Finnish sauna, Hot & Cold pool, outdoor hot tub... And it just so happens that all gym members get full access to these facilities as part of the membership. Sweet!

This is great on so many levels – one being that I can bribe R to come with me and wait for an hour while I work out, by promising him an hour of splashing around afterwards. I got him a yearly pass to the pool, so it's great value too. The other great perk is that if I happen to have a couple of child free hours, I can work out and then chill in the spa area afterwards. Ant that... is what I did today!

I had a great workout today and was knackered afterwards. 50 Shades of Grey has nothing against my 50 shades of RED. I went from light pink to deep crimson all in the space of one hour! So imagine the total bliss of sitting in the steam sauna, before heading out into the outdoor hot tub. -5°C in the air and 38°C in the tub – love it!

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Anonymous said...

Høres ut som en veldig god deal for dere begge! Jeg blir også knallrød når jeg trener, men da føler jeg meg i det minste skikkelig flink etterpå ;)