Sunday, 3 February 2013

Observations at the gym

Random silly pic, with no relevance whatsoever. In a snarky mood today, and spent some time people-watching whilst working out. Here are my observations and random musings:
  • 90% of the "skinny-fat" people in the gym today, were only there to hang out, not to work out.
  • Skinny does not necessarily equal fit.
  • Just sitting on the machines, sipping water, then getting off... is rather pointless.
  • My one 110% effort hour in the gym, beats your three ineffective hours, surely? Unless your aim is purely to exercise your jaw muscles and look at yourself in the mirror.
  • I'd rather do an exercise controlled, correctly and with good form than trying to impress the person next to me by piling on weights and having to lift fast and furious just to get through my set.
  • My guess is, lifting 18 kg on the leg press 12 times does not really have much effect, seeing as your legs normally carry several times that weight every time you get off your arse. Besides, my 7-year old can lift 100 kg with ease, and did 109 kg today - which is 4 times his body weight. So umm, yeah.

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